Wooden Bat Tournament

Dear Parents, Coaches and Players,

I am happy to invite you to play a few more games this  season in our first Ted Williams League (TWL) wooden bat, October baseball, tournament, for ages 11-13.

Since 1997, with both equipment and various dimension changes, the TWL has decreased hit batters by 48 percent and has never had a case of Little League Elbow (a documented medical condition) which affects at least 20 percent of all other leagues between the ages of 8-14.

The “average age” of this tournament is 12 years old.  That is to say it is designed ideally or targeted for players 12 years old.  However, on an average it can clearly host and age span players 11-13 or in some cases greater.

We realize that this may be confusing.  So to be clear, what we believe is that we have created a baseball environment that can safely play players between ages 11-13.  Therefore, you may have a team of all 12’s or very strong 11’s or a combination of 11,12 and 13’s. All of these teams can play.  If you think of a high school team comprised of various ages this may help you envision our approach.  One of our teams has a 10 year old that looks and plays like 12.

While normally the TWL evaluates all its individual players each season and then places them into divisions suited to their individual ability this not possible in a tournament.  Therefore, we will evaluate “all teams” in an evaluation game and then place them “as a team” within a tournament bracket.  (These brackets are similar to the divisions of high school ball)  This evaluation game will also be used to introduce coaches and players to various rules and changes in dimensions.

The cost of all games in the TWL tournament including the evaluation game is $50 per team, per game.  You pay as you go.  We are in the process of rounding up as many wooden bats as possible to be used by both teams during each game.  Teams are welcome to use their own wooden bats if they would like.

As of now we have established 4 game time slots on Saturdays: (10-12) (12-2) (2-4) and (4-6) and 3 game slots on Sundays: (11-1) (1-3) and (3-5). Our plan is to play as many evaluation games as possible in the next few weeks and start the tournament on weekends in October.

To schedule your evaluation game, please email, tedwilliamsleague@yahoo.com.  Don’t delay an evaluation time due to uniforms.  Wear your pajamas if you have to (lol) we are ready for you now.  All games will be played on our TWL field at the Hanson Athletic Association located at 171 Reed Street in Hanson, MA.

If you are a player, without a team, living close to Hanson, we may be able to form a team and assign one of our coaches to this team.  In this case the cost would be about $10 per game.  Please let us know immediately as this team will need to be  evaluated as a unit.

Steve Ferroli

TWL Founder

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