Dear Parents and Campers,

Thank you for considering the Steve Ferroli Baseball Camp. We are thrilled with your interest and are committed to providing you with a fun and educational baseball experience, and a rewarding life experience.

We believe the approach required to reach one’s potential in baseball is similar to the one required for life success. That’s why everyone here is dedicated to helping each camper develop on the field.

Your child will learn baseball through lectures, individual instruction, and team practices. I train and monitor all of our coaches so that your child will receive consistent instruction throughout his stay. When the program ends, your child will walk away with wonderful lessons and memories.

We play by Ted Williams League rules. The Ted Williams League is an innovative youth and adult league.  It offers a true baseball experience with an appropriate challenge and more safety when compared with traditional leagues.

I’ve directed the camp since its beginning more than 30 years ago and continue to adjust it as part of my lifelong dream to offer you and your child the best experience possible. If you choose our camp, I assure you that you will receive the highest quality of instruction in all parts of the game for all ages and playing abilities.

We balance positive thinking and humor with hard work and discipline. Your child will have a great time learning the game and laughing with fellow campers in a safe environment.

We take seriously the responsibility of teaching and coaching your child, and we want to thank you again for the opportunity to be a partner in your child’s growth.


Steve Ferroli, Director