Ted Williams League

Thank you for considering the Ted Williams League (TWL). We are excited to bring you the 22nd year of TWL baseball this spring. Whether you’re new to the game or have participated in other leagues, we invite you and your family to experience true baseball and the benefits of playing in this revolutionary league.

The Ted Williams League was founded in 1997 by Red Sox great,  Ted Williams and his chosen successor Steve Ferroli.  After a 10 year, on field study, conducted by Steve Ferroli,  the results proved a  long overdue need of adjustments to traditional baseball’s rules, equipment and dimensions.  After reviewing the information,  Ted Williams was convinced and completely on board.

For players 5 and older, the TWL is committed to your child’s development and safety by providing an appropriate challenge free from the politics associated with other league formats.

No politics. Your child will be evaluated and assigned to a division and team by ability rather than the customary draft. A floating, as opposed to set, coaching system in several divisions shifts our certified coaches’ focus to your child’s development and leaves the competitive instinct with the players. Players rotate onto the field and play a different position after each at-bat in the younger divisions, the exceptions being the pitcher, catcher and first baseman, which have a skill level requirement. Older divisions offer equal playing time through a platoon system. All players hit from a locked lineup that continues from where it ended the previous game.

Appropriate challenge. Your child will experience more game action and develop as a player by hitting and making plays on a field suited for his skill level. TWL fields are designed with home plate sizes, base path lengths and pitching distances not found in traditional leagues. And assigning players to divisions and teams by ability creates more competitive games for your child.

More safety. The TWL has had no cases of Little League elbow (LLE), a common overuse injury associated with other league formats, and it has reduced the number of hit batsmen by 48%. Playing with baseballs sized and weighted to fit smaller hands reduces the risk of elbow injury. Until the AA division (15 and older), pitchers throw from a flat surface with focus on control by pitching to home plates that are appropriately sized for the shorter arms and bats of younger hitters.

All divisions are accepting registrations for  the 2019 season.  Please click on the following link  for scheduling and registration. TWL Schedule & Registration 2019

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