Team Hitting Clinics

Learn From The Very Best! (2 Days & 1 Night)

Teams of players ages (9-16), on the dates selected by the team, can learn the hitting approach used by the greatest hitter in baseball history (Ted Williams) directly from his chosen successor Steve Ferroli.  To confirm your clinic dates please call (781) 293-2700 or email us at;  Teams must have at least 10 players, clinic cost $150 per player.   All meals included.  (Extended or varied clinic scheduling can be priced)

Clinic Schedule Day one:

8:30    Meet on our facility pavilion for registration & orientation

9:00    Player cabin assignment

9:30    Batting Practice & Hitter Evaluation

11:00  Hitting Lecture & Drills “The Contact Point & Swing Plane”

11:30  Lunch   (Free time hitting)

12:30  Lecture & Drills “Timing”

1:00   Batting Practice and Drills

2:00   Live Game at Bats

4:00   Free time

5:00   Lecture & Drills  “Connecting the Swing”

6:00   Dinner on the Pavilion

7:00   Your team’s coaches and our staff for team batting practice and drills

8:30   Team coaches dismissal

9:00    Showers and free time snack

10:00  Cabin lights out

Clinic Schedule Day Two

7:30     Breakfast on the pavilion

8:00    Prepare for day

8:30    Meet on the pavilion for daily notices

8:45    Lecture & Drills ” Two Strike Hitting”

9:30    Batting Practice & Drills

10:30   Lecture & Drills (Timing and a Good Pitch to Hit)

11:30   Lunch / Free Time Hitting

12:30   Live Game Situational Hitting

2:30    Game Charting  Review

3:00    Cage Wars

4:00    Dismissal & Parent Pick up

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