Ted Williams on Steve Ferroli

Posted on May 14th, 2008

Foreword for Hit Your Potential

I’ve been talking about this guy for fifteen years! Still, he doesn’t get the attention he deserves because he didn’t play baseball professionally. It’s really not fair. The way I see it, hitting a baseball and teaching someone to hit a baseball are two different things. And I’ll tell you what – Steve Ferroli can teach it every bit as good as I could hit it!

I took the game of baseball quite seriously and looking back I guess I did alright. But when age started kicking me in the pants, I got to thinking more and more about kids – kids and baseball. I began to think about coaching and how important quality coaching is. Then I thought boy, who out there is going to be able to talk hitting and get it right? Who has the knowledge to answer the big league questions and the heart to put it on the line for the kids? I was describing Steve Ferroli.

How good is he, you may ask? Well, I’ll give you some numbers…There are millions of kids between the ages of 8-12 years old playing baseball all around the world. They have been playing in organized youth leagues in our country since 1939. But they have been playing a game that is out of scale considering their size and age. Some of the dimensions were simply not scaled down correctly to account for the smaller bodies of these players. As a result, the game is affected – the fun, the interest! When you read Chapter Nine of this book, The Ted Williams League, consider how many hundreds of thousands of coaches, umpires and parents have had this mistake right under their noses but couldn’t see it. For over a half a century no one saw it – except Steve Ferroli.

It is my sincere hope that he stays in baseball and teaches hitting forever. That’s because among all the players, coaches, students, teachers, professors… anybody with whom I’ve ever talked hitting, Steve Ferroli knows more about my principles of hitting than anyone I’ve ever known.

Ted Williams foreword to Steve Ferroli book Hit Your Potential

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